Important Facts and Information for Picking the Right Professional

These notes are to help you, the consumer, be aware that there are many "businesses" out there with claims to be professionals, that are nothing more than false prophets appearing to have necessary equipment and know how. Just about anyone can purchase a tool, but only a true craftsman has the ability to use it properly. Have you ever seen somebody driving around with a ladder in the back of a pick-up truck soliciting tree work? BUYER BEWARE!

There are many poor decisions made every day in regards to the choice of the true outdoor craftsman: choosing to have a lawn service to administer light arboriculture work, giving money before the job is complete, hiring the lowest bidder with a chainsaw, and the list can be much lengthier. Many people make these mistakes from residential homeowners to large corporations, so please make a good decision for such a high risk job; not all businesses are created equal.

Did You Know?

Insurance: Hiring an individual or business to administer tree work whom does not carry insurance or even the proper amount of coverage makes YOU liable! If they were to get injured on your property, you can be sued, and if there is damage to your property you could be solely responsible.

The Other Guys: We have all seen the unprofessional poorly maintained truck, with unsecured debris and tools, and without proper identification. These are just the topical things, and typically when these individuals are hired you are left with improper, or half completed work.

There is also a new trend of hiring out-of-state based businesses that are large, have lots of employees and equipment, and are without a personal touch - which could leave you to be nothing more than a number. Again, Buyer Beware! There is a lost sense of accountability with most of these types of businesses.

Codes and Permits

There are many codes and rules for trimming and maintaining certain species. Many projects may require proper permits, it's important that whomever you hire to do your work is knowledgeable in the county's municipal codes and in knowing the area.